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On-Site Training

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Kick-off your modernization projects with hands-on training

IBM i application development training with Profound LogicTraining is essential when starting any new modernization or web development project, and we at Profound Logic Software believe that you should receive thorough training to ensure your project goes smoothly.

All training sessions are taught by qualified experts in both RPG and modern Web technologies. All materials will be customized to fit your development team's needs and experience.

You have the following options for Profound Logic training:

Premium On-Boarding

Premium On-Boarding with Profound Logic is designed to help you get the most out of our software. This intensive, five-day training includes everything offered in our Standard Product Training, plus two full days of hands-on development and modernization with a member of our product team.

Customers who invest in premium on-boarding have been able to launch their projects significantly faster than with standard training alone. This option is perfect for complex or enterprise projects, or those with short turnaround times.

Standard Product Training

Our Standard Training option is a good fit for companies that simply need training on Profound Logic's products while gaining knowledge about application modernization in theory. Standard Training includes:

  • Three days of on-site product training and education that includes:
    • Profound UI Concepts
    • Visual Designer for Rich Display Files
    • RPG Coding and Compiling for Rich Display Files
    • Jobs, Session Control, and Debugging for Rich display files
    • Subfiles for Rich display files
    • Validation and Error Messages
    • DB2 Binding
    • Charts and graphs
    • UI controls
    • Pop-Up Windows
    • Customizing HTML and CSS
    • Profound UI and JavaScript
    • DDS conversion
    • Genie Skins
    • Genie Designer
    • Atrium

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