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Profound UI: Deliver Rich, Modern IBM i Business Applications

The comprehensive suite for modern GUI development

Profound UI is a suite of tools that makes it easy to transform existing RPG applications into GUI browser-based applications, or develop new, rich web and mobile interfaces for IBM i applications.

Profound UI was designed with traditional RPG developers in mind, and it is completely native to the IBM i platform - no middleware or Windows servers needed. Our customers find that they can quickly and easily transform existing green screens or create new, truly modern applications - even without prior UI design experience! 

Want to start using Node.js in your business? Try Profound.js

Profound UI Modules:

The Profound UI Suite is made up of a tightly integrated, comprehensive set of modules that include:
  • Visual Designer - A browser-based design tool with a drag-and-drop interface that makes it easy to transform green screens or develop new modern web and mobile applications
  • DDS Conversion Tool - Automates the process of converting source code to Rich Display Files for browser-based RPG applications
  • RPG Open Access Handler - Takes RPG applications beyond the 5250 data stream and to any Web browser
  • JumpStart Application Generator - Quickly produce clean, modern RPG or Node.js code without starting from scratch 
  • Genie - Instantly refaces your 5250 green-screens in web and mobile browsers
  • Atrium - Replaces green-screen menus with centralized, streamlined and secure web browser navigation
  • Profound UI Mobile Client - An app that is created and maintained by Profound Logic that can run any rich display screen on any server.  It is free and may be installed on Android from Google Play, or on iOS devices from the Apple App Store.

New Features

Click here to learn about the newest product features and enhancements.

Profound UI Benefits

Profound UI uses native IBM i and Web technologies, including RPG Open Access and RPG Free-Format. There is no need for middleware or web applets.

Profound UI gives you all the tools you'll need to modernize or develop new Rich web and mobile applications.

The graphical development interface of Profound UI makes it easy to build Rich IBM i applications using the coding skills you already have.

Profound UI provides built-in entry point security and built-in protection from SQL injection. In addition, Profound UI uses the HTTP server and the IBM i Operating System to provide Encryption, Object-based Application Architecture to prevent viruses, Program and File Level authority, and Auditing/Logging capabilities.

Why Modernize with Profound UI?

Profound UI is the native, comprehensive and integrated suite of tools for developers who want to: 

  • Transform outdated green-screen applications into modern Web and mobile applications
  • Develop new, rich IBM i business applications
  • Go beyond screen-scraping and convert legacy RPG and DDS code into truly modern user interfaces
  • Make IBM i applications available in all Web and mobile browsers using RPG Open Access
  • Avoid using complicated tools, learning non-IBM i programming languages or outsourcing development talent

 By modernizing your company’s applications, you can: 

  • Demonstrate the power and value of the IBM i platform throughout your organization
  • Extend the life of your legacy applications
  • Breathe new life into your applications by adding images, Google maps, interactive charts and graphs, and more!
  • Increase productivity and decrease training times by giving end users tools that are more intuitive and easier to use
  • Support your remote workers by making their applications available on mobile devices and tablets
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