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Drag-and-drop your way to modern IBM i applications

Patented Visual Designer Tool for IBM i

In the past, if an RPG programmer was to learn about Web or Mobile application development, it may have taken years to become fully proficient. But with Profound Logic's Visual Designer, all of that changes!

The Visual Designer is a patented graphical development environment that allows anyone to quickly create professional looking browser interfaces in a point-and-click, drag-and-drop manner. There's no longer any need to learn HTML, CSS or JavaScript in order to produce top-quality Web and mobile applications.  


The Profound UI Visual Designer installs with hundreds of cross-browser rich widgets, including:

  • Subfile grids

  • Intelligent charts

  • Tabbed panels

  • Maps

  • Customizable themes, including buttons, fonts and colors

  • Mobile device layouts

RPG and Node.js

The Profound UI Visual Designer approaches development in a way that is intuitive to the RPG developer, including the use of field binding to the source RPG program and record formats.

Developers can also utilize the Visual Designer for Node.js and take advantage of tools and features specific to development projects in those languages. The RPG Designer comes standard with Profound UI.  Profound.js customers can access the Node.js version of the Visual Designer module in Profound UI.

Mobile Development

Want to create mobile apps for IBM i? Our Profound Mobile product offers all of the benefits of the Profound UI Visual Designer, but streamlined for rapid mobile development! Features include mobile skins, rotate and preview screens, widgets like a signature pad and navigation buttons, and more!

Visual Designer Benefits

Easy to Use
Create rich, dynamic Web and mobile applications using your existing RPG development assets

Configurable and Intuitive
Each widget is configurable with hundreds of properties that encompass not only the things you would expect from a Rich Web User Interface, but also all of the native IBM i backend integration features that RPG developers already know and understand

Open and Customizable
In addition, the platform provides the capability to extend the framework and develop your own custom widgets or enhance existing ones through a set of simple API

Product Screenshots

The Profound UI Visual Designer includes hundreds of drag-and-drop widgets that make application design easy
Create Web and mobile apps with dynamic features that include drag-and-drop content, charts and maps.
Create mobile applications with the Visual Designer's built-in mobile development features
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