Adding Professional Services for Sure-Fire Project Success

In order to stay relevant and competitive, you need a holistic modernization approach that includes mobile, Node.js and open source development, and to digitally transform your systems to integrate new technologies like AI, IoT, and blockchain.


Responsive Layouts in Profound UI Version 6

The new Responsive Layout widget in Profound UI Version 6 removes the mystery, and the code, when creating responsive applications.


Introducing Profound UI Version 6

The Profound UI software suite makes it easy to develop Rich business applications for both desktop and mobile devices. Watch this on-webinar presented by Scott Klement and learn about the new features of Version 6, including: Refreshed UI and widgets, Custom Widget Sets, Drag-and-drop Responsive Design, and more!


Make IBM i Apps You will Love with Profound UI and Profound.js

In this webinar, learn how you can use both Profound UI and Profound.js to transform legacy RPG code to modern free-format RPG and Node.js, deliver truly modern application interfaces with Profound UI, and extend your RPG applications to include Web Services and NPM packages with Node.js


Extend the Power of Node to your IBM i Applications with Profound.js

In this webinar, learn how Profound.js enables you to easily adopt and take advantage of the many benefits of Node.js in your business.


Making Rich Application Interfaces Responsive

In this webinar, Profound Logic's Brian May demonstrates techniques in the Profound UI Visual Designer and uses custom CSS to make your IBM i (AS/400) applications more responsive.


Profound.js: The Agile Approach to Legacy Modernization

In this presentation, Alex Roytman and Liam Allan will unveil a completely new and unique way to modernize your legacy IBM i applications: Agile Modernization with Node.js


See What's New in Profound UI 5.3

Profound UI 5.3 is here, and includes a new RPG OA handler for Genie, a Filter-and-Find Visual Designer widget, and more. Lead Developer David Russo demonstrates in this on-demand Webinar.


Easy Mobile Development with Profound Logic Software

This on-demand webinar demonstrates how Profound Moble enables rapid and easy mobile applications development for your IBM i (iSeries, AS400) applications, even when working with legacy RPG code.


Extend and Future-proof your RPG Applications with PHP

IBM i partners Zend and Profound Logic explain how RPG developers can write, debug and deploy PHP code in a few simple steps using their integrated toolsets. This Webinar demonstrates the benefits and uses of Zend's Z-Ray product and Profound Logic's JumpStart RPG and PHP quick start code generator.


Reach Your IBM i Modernization Goals with Arcad Software and Profound Logic Software

In this on-demand webinar, you'll learn how Arcad Software and Profound Logic Software have teamed up to provide the most comprehensive solution available for enterprise IBM i modernization, with tools that enable you to modernize databases, code and application interfaces.


See What's New in Profound UI

See the newest Profound UI features in action, including All-in-One Display Files, a Universal Handler and the JumpStart application generator. IBM Champions Scott Klement and Brian May demonstrate.


See What IBM i Can Do With Mobile Application Development

San Diego Regional Center (SDRC) needed a more efficient way to support their service coordinators in the field, but also wanted to maintain their trusted RPG business application (SANDIS). The answer: mobile applications for IBM i! In this on-demand Webinar, you'll discover the impact mobile applications can have on your workforce and customers.


Create Amazing IBM i Applications with Profound UI

IBM Champion Scott Klement demonstrates why Profound UI is the best solution available for IBM i application modernization, with powerful features that include a drag-and-drop Visual Designer and over 150 built-in rich UI widgets.


Take IBM i Everywhere with Mobile Applications

In this on-demand Webinar, IBM's Tim Rowe (Business Architect for IBM i Application Development) and Profound Logic's Scott Klement and Alex Roytman demonstrate how easy it is to create high-quality mobile applications using your existing RPG knowledge and IBM i systems. You will see how making your IBM i applications mobile can result in a more efficient, effective workforce.


What's New in Profound UI 4.5

See the most exciting features in Profound UI 4.5 with a live demonstration by product developers Scott Klement and David Russo.


The 4 Keys to RPG Modernization Success

In this Webinar, IBM Champion Brian May will discuss the four key qualities you should consider when modernizing your IBM i applications for the Web and mobile devices.


Developing Mobile Applications for IBM i - What You Should Know!

In this Webinar, you'll learn how Profound UI and PhoneGap work together to take your IBM i applications mobile on any device (including iPhone, iPad and Android) without the need to learn third party programming languages.


The Top Five RPG Open Access Myths... Busted!

Learn why RPG OA is the logical way to create intuitive, extendable Web-based applications today's workers want to use!


Unite IBM i Modernization Efforts with RPG Open Access and Profound UI

Experience the simplicity and elegance of Profound UI and RPG Open Access, as we demonstrate Web-enablement, DDS Conversion, and New Web Development efforts seamlessly integrated within a native IBM i user interface platform.


DDS Conversion to Rich UI with IBM RPG Open Access

Learn how to reuse existing DDS source and convert them into native IBM i objects that support a robust browser interface using Profound UI's DDS Conversion Module.


Creating Open and Portable IBM i Apps with RPG Open Access and Profound UI

Discover how Profound UI and Open Access helps take your IBM i applications to the next level. Learn how to build custom widgets for your interfaces, and see how you can develop for mobile devices like the iPhone. Also, find out how to integrate third party functionality, web services, and other enhancements all within the Profound UI enviornment.


RPG Open Access and Profound UI - The Native GUI for IBM i

In the webinar, you will hear from Profound Logic and George Farr as they explain the value and benefits of RPG Open Access, together with Profound UI, for creating rich user interfaces for the IBM i utilizing native RPG.


It has arrived! A Native GUI for RPG

In the webinar, we will explain the importance of utilizing rich user interfaces, and the characteristics that make them ideal for IBM i business applications. We will also introduce you to Profound UI, the platform for visually creating graphical user interfaces on the IBM i, and provide you with a real-life example of the solution in action.


Integrate Your Modernization Efforts on the IBM i with Atrium

By the end of this webinar, you will learn how to tie all of your IBM i applications, web-enabled 5250 screens, and other third-party applications together into one intuitive browser interface using our powerful enterprise portal, Atrium.


IBM i Modernization Tactics: Finding the Right Mix for You

By the end of this webinar, you will learn exactly what it takes to extend, build, and grow your IBM i applications into more productive and cost-effective tools to run your business. You will gain in-depth knowledge of Profound Logic's modernization solutions, including RPGsp for Rapid Web Development with RPG and Genie for On-The-Fly Green-Screen Modernization.