RPG Open Access Handler

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Unlock modern web and mobile applications with RPG Open Access

Profound UI Modernization and Development Tool for IBM i IBM® Rational® Open Access RPG Edition is a feature added by IBM to extend RPG code to modern devices, including web browsers and mobile devices.

Profound Logic was the first ISV to give IBM i shops a way to take advantage of this feature when modernizing their applications. We worked hand-in-hand with IBM in RPG/OA development. With the Profound UI Handler for RPG Open Access, any traditional RPG operations that deal with displays are automatically understood and the output is rendered into a capable rich user interface. 


RPG Open Access Handler Benefits

Native Modernization
The RPG Open Access Handler lets you make your applications available for the web and mobile devices without re-writing your code, or using non-native methods like Java applets.

Intuitive Development 
When working with Profound UI and the RPG Open Access Handler, you can write programs using the same top-down methodology, native RPG operations, coding techniques, and concepts like call stacks, level checks, sign-in sessions, subfile processing, that you are already familiar with. 

Modernization Made Easy 
In the past, if an you wanted to learn about Web application development, it may have taken years to become fully proficient. But with Profound UI, because of its native approach, there is virtually no learning curve. You use your own RPG code, design applications in the Profound UI Visual Designer, and the RPG Open Access Handler does the rest!

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