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Genie: On-the-fly modernization for green screen applications

When modernizing IBM i applications, you may opt to reface your 5250 applications. This approach gives green screens a modern look without investing heavily in development time and tools.  Profound Logic supports this approach with our Genie product.  Genie goes even beyond traditional "screen scraping" to add Rich UI elements to your screens, along with an intuitive, drag-and-drop Designer. You'll deliver modern UIs in no time!

Genie is a module within the Profound UI product suite.


With Genie, you can:

Customize and enhance your web-enabled screens with rich Web features and functionality

Add additional functionality to your applications through an easy-to-use, point-and-click interface

Instantly add dynamic grids, interactive charts, database-driven dropdowns, graphical panels, and many other components into your existing applications without any coding

Take your applications to the next level of modernization at any time through integration with the Profound UI Suite

Genie Benefits

  • High-speed performance: Genie works directly with your RPG applications, without the use of Java applets or WebSphere middleware, guaranteeing the fastest possible performance.
  • Accurate screen rendering: With Genie, you are guaranteed the most accurate rendering of your applications in the Web UI.
  • Install and go: Genie Web-enables all of your applications automatically and runs natively under IBM i's built-in Apache server, which means there are no external servers to worry about.
  • Advanced Design tool: Tasks such as transforming entry fields into GUI controls like check boxes and drop downs can be complicated and time consuming if done manually. Genie eliminates the hurdle of manual coding with its Advanced Design tool.
  • Dynamic content: Additionally, you can add new dynamic content to your applications using the Design tool, such as graphics, Google Maps, and more. No need to be a Web development expert!
  • Make it mobile: Genie makes it easy to transform your 5250 applications into mobile applications. In addition to a custom skin for tablets, we also provide a mobile keyboard that allows users to access traditional 5250 host keys, and the ability to create touchable hotspots in the application.
  • Launch automatically: With easy-to-use macros that recognizes screens and automates input and key strokes, Genie makes it possible to launch sessions automatically to a specific program or screen.
  • Support for STRPCCMD: Genie supports the STRPCCMD command, a highly requested feature that makes it possible to launch applications on a computer attached to the IBM i. 
  • Authentication: Genie integrates with various Single Sign On configurations, including Kerberos.
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