Profound UI Outshines Competetion at Recent Nisug Modernization Shoot Out Event


December 6, 2011, London, UK. - At a recent meeting of the National iSystems User Group (NiSUG), Profound Logic took part in a ground-breaking event: an 'Application Modernization Code Shoot-Out'. Software vendors from all over the United States, Canada and the United Kingdom were invited to take part, and the rules were simple: In less than 24 hours, the vendors had to modernize a green-on-black application using their proprietary technology. While no official winners or losers were selected at the end of the day, Profound Logic was the only vendor to prove that true, native IBM i modernization is possible without limited screen-scraping or a laborious overhaul of an existing system.

Nigel Lothian, Director of Logicmate, represented the Profound Logic team at the Shoot-Out. "Some vendors at the event chose to 'screen-scrape' the legacy application. Others opted to re-engineer the application from scratch with all the potential inherent problems such an approach entails. We took a different approach with our Profound UI product. We make it possible to reproduce the sample application as a modern web application in seconds, thus providing customers with a fast, native solution that is complementary to their skill set and comfort zone."

Profound UI enables RPG developers to:

  • Leverage IBM's RPG Open Access to support all RPG screen-related operations
  • Deliver browser-based applications based on the same RPG code developers use
  • Eliminate ties to the 5250 character-based protocol with DDS conversion
  • Enhance converted interfaces or develop new ones with over 125 pre-packaged widgets

The Profound UI solution proved popular throughout the event and gained significant attention from the attendees. Steve Bradshaw, managing director of Rowton IT Solutions Ltd. and moderator of the Code Shoot-Out, says, "Profound Logic goes beyond simple screen-scraping to provide a solution for true 5250 modernization. Logicmate's modernization of the sample application using Profound UI was excellent and presented an approach with which RPG developers will be comfortable." Screen captures of the Profound UI solution can be downloaded here.

About Profound Logic Software, Inc.

Profound Logic Software, an advanced IBM business partner, provides best-of-breed solutions to support the development and modernization of applications on IBM i. Over the last 10 years they have facilitated the modernization of many million lines of legacy RPG code for thousands of customers, including Nintendo, Pepsi and General Electric.

Profound Logic released the first hybrid compiler for RPG and HTML, the first visual debugger for RPG-based Web development, and the first browser-based visual designer for Web-enabling RPG applications. They continue to innovate today with products such as Genie, RPGsp, Atrium, iData, RPG-Alive and Profound UI.

Profound UI is a full-featured graphical user interface platform based on IBM's RPG Open Access and offers developers an easy, natural method for creating connected IBM i applications that deliver rich user experiences regardless of project complexity or organization size.

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