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Enterprise modernization with Profound Logic and ARCAD Software:

Ensure the long-term viability of your business with end-to-end modernization

If your company relies on IBM i (AS400) to facilitate the majority of its IT operations, you’re likely facing these two major challenges:

1. Outdated user interfaces

2. Lack of RPG developers

While the issue of outdated interfaces has a clear cut solution, the lack of development talent is trickier to figure out and especially threatening to the business.

Many companies think the best solution to these problems is migrating off of the IBM i platform completely, moving to software packages or rewriting their systems.

But we’ve seen this approach fail again and again, costing tens of millions of dollars in the process. Why?

  • Grossly underestimated time scope
    • Translating RPG into a non-equivalent language comes with many obstacles
    • This causes projects to drag out much longer than intended, often indefinitely
  • Disruption to the business and customers
    • Most IBM i shops have 50-99% of their business applications on the IBM i. Complications in replacing these programs could greatly hinder business processes
  • Loss of competitive advantage
    • Your homegrown applications have been refined with years of customizations to serve your business. This competitive advantage will be lost in the migration.
    • Rewriting your systems rely on service vendors who don’t understand your business

The cost-effective, low-risk solution is Enterprise Modernization. Our partnership with ARCAD Software allows us to provide an “end-to-end” modernization solution that includes:


Benefits of Enterprise Modernization:

Keep and optimize your existing technology investments without a costly and risky “rip-and-replace”.

Enables you to hire younger developers who know newer languages, like PHP and Node.js.

Opens your business to new, modern languages, interfaces, and development processes.

Keep your trusted and secure systems in place while only updating areas that need to be modernized.

How it works:

GUIs and Application Development (Frontend)

The first and most tangible deliverable from a modernization project is usually a modern user interface (UI), such as a web browser, or being able to access applications from a mobile device. We make transforming your application interfaces easy by leveraging your existing code and development processes, and providing an integrated set of tools to take your applications into the future: The Profound UI Suite.

With Profound UI, you can unlock the business and performance benefits of graphical application interfaces, while using the same methodology, RPG operations, and programming techniques that you're already familiar with. Because of its native approach, the learning curve for RPG developers is virtually non-existent. Best yet, developers with little or no experience creating modern interfaces can deliver rich web and mobile applications in hours, as opposed to weeks or months.

Watch a Profound UI Video - Read a Profound UI Case Study

Legacy RPG Code Conversion (Backend)

Free-form RPG, made available with IBM i 7.1 in the Technology Refresh 7 (TR7), is recognized as a game-changer for the IBM i platform and an essential aspect of modernization. With Free Form RPG, code can now be specified as free-form statements rather than in specific fixed columns, allowing natural left-to-right indented logic similar to most other languages today (such as Java or C# for example).

Taken at face value, this syntax improves coding efficiency and the readability of sources. But the true value is much more significant. Free syntax moves RPG away from a closed shop. RPG Free can be easily understood by developers of all backgrounds, from new graduates to platform veterans.

Probably the most extensive on the market today, the ARCAD-Transformer RPG tool achieves near-100% conversion rates of any RPG IV code including calculation specifications (C) and declaration specifications (H, F, D, P). It is even able to convert GOTO statements.
ARCAD-Transformer RPG supports unitary or mass conversion. That is, individual modules can be converted in a statement-by-statement fashion under the control of the user, or as a bulk operation on many sources at once.

Database Modernization (Backend)

Database modernization may not be the first task in a modernization project but is no less important. 

ARCAD-Transformer DB is designed to bring productivity and automation, and help open your application to new technologies. ARCAD-Transformer DB provides progressive conversion from DDS to DDL (SQL), allowing mass transformations as well as piece-by-piece. The solution compiles the associated RPG programs as well as data. In addition to SQL conversion, ARCAD-Transformer DB automatically checks for data integrity, and identifies the causes of any data corruption.

Next Steps

Enterprise Modernization Services

Our Enterprise Modernization solution goes beyond the tools to offer services and support that will supercharge your business transformation and modernize your applications, code, and databases, for rapid results with minimal disruption to your end users.

Our Enterprise Modernization Service combines the expertise of Profound Logic with our partner ARCAD Software, and enables us to:

  • Analyze your legacy application and provide a clear estimate of the work involved ready for project planning
  • Setup a change management process to Structure and provide the traceability required to handle your in-house day-to-day work and also the modernization project path
  • Help you to embrace agile project management and a responsive methodology to ensure that the project meets your requirements
  • Automate the Transformation of your application, with greater accuracy and productivity thanks to the features of ARCAD-Transformer (conversion to DDL, Free Form RPG) and Profound Logic UI (for rich Web and mobile applications on IBM i)Manage regression testing between your existing and your modernized application with the help of automated tools like ARCAD-Verifier
  • Resolve the merges between your existing work and the modernized version of your application
  • Automate the Transfer to Production (and Rollback), with robust and repeatable processes to secure this critical phase in the application life cycle

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