Wholesale Distributor Reports Large Increase in Online Sales with Profound Logic's RPGsp

June 9, 2009 - Profound Logic Software announces the release of its latest case study detailing the story of one of their customers, Western Power Sports (www.wps-inc.com). The study describes the development, implementation, and success of the company's current online commerce solution built with Profound Logic's award-winning rapid Web development tool for the IBM i, RPGsp.

Western Power Sports (WPS) is the third largest wholesaler distributor of power sports parts and accessories with over 75,000 products in distribution. With corporate headquarters located in Boise, Idaho, Western Power Sports has grown rapidly with their sales force doubling in number over the last five years and the addition of several new warehouses in Fresno California, Memphis Tennessee and most recently, Elizabethtown Pennsylvania.

Pictured above, Boise Corporate Headquarters and Warehouse

With a large quantity of their products online, WPS quickly outgrew the web solution they had in place. The number of orders per month was rapidly increasing and the IT team needed a solution that would provide flexibility, ease of use, and a fast production pace for development on their IBM i. They also needed it to handle 10,000 customers accessing the system on a daily basis.

After a long search for the right tool and several failed attempts, the Western Power Sports IT team discovered RPGsp. With RPGsp, the team was able to develop a fully functioning intranet solution for demonstration in a matter of weeks which led to a full implementation upon management approval.

One of Western Power Sports' Applications Utilizing RPGsp

"I had never touched HTML prior to using RPGsp. All I had to do was use the available wizards and then view the output to see how it functioned - that's how I learned the system so quickly," says Rody Cummins, IT Director at Western Power Sports. "Within the first four weeks the product did everything we needed it to do. Since then, I have learned HTML extensively even though a user only needs to utilize the RPGsp built-in wizards."

Today, Western Power Supports runs six websites using Profound Logic's RPGsp. Cummings reports that they are generating $250,000 in online sales every day, which is a 500% increase since transferring to the new site. Additionally, the new RPGsp sites are now responsible for 50% of the distributor's sales with approximately 150,000 visitors, over one million page views, and 17,000 orders on a monthly basis.

Having been in the industry since 1982, Cummings feels more strongly about Profound Logic's RPGsp product and its support than any other product he has used over the years. "I usually do not endorse a product like this, but Profound Logic's RPGsp does everything they say it's going to do. When a product works as well as Profound Logic's does, I want to put my name on it. In fact, I can go as far as saying it's the best all around solution in the software industry for the System i."

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About Western Power Sports

Western Power Sports is the third largest wholesaler distributor of power sports parts and accessories with their corporate headquarters residing in Boise, Idaho. WPS distributes over 75,000 products that include motorcycle, ATV, snowmobile, watercraft and bicycle parts and accessories. Learn more about WPS at www.wps-inc.com.

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