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January 2, 2006 - Profound Logic Software is proud to announce RPG-Alive's selection as a readers choice in iSeries News' December publication.

Krish Thirumalai, a programmer at Manhattan Associates, a vendor of numerous supply-chain software solutions for the iSeries and other platforms, recommends RPG-Alive for SEU as a graphical programming-automation tool. “RPG-Alive’s ability to outline source code has been invaluable for us,” remarked Thirumalai. The provided help features available in RPG-Alive were noted as being time saving in that manual reading was often unnecessary. Also noted were display features which allow for easier code navigation with color separation for active code and comments, a debugger, a PC-based graphical development environment option, a database repository, an interactive point-and-click compiler, and an RPG code-indentation utility.

A fully functional trial of RPG-Alive can be downloaded at: .

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About iSeries News Readers' Choice

Readers' Choice is an iSeries News feature that lets readers offer feedback on products that have helped them. It allows for recommendations to be made to other readers and recognition to be given to outstanding products.

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Profound Logic Software is a leading provider of application development tools for the iSeries (AS/400) platform. Established in 1999, Profound Logic started creating innovative programming tools that streamline the application development process. Profound Logic has also focused on providing excellent customer service to its clients. Today, Profound Logic Software enjoys thousands of software users in more than 50 different countries. Profound Logic offers its software along with related training, consulting, and support services.

About RPG-Alive

RPG-Alive ( ) is a productivity tool for iSeries developers. It magnifies the skills of RPG developers by adding graphical code analysis and editing features to the iSeries Programming Development Environment. First published in 1999, RPG-Alive is now used by thousands of companies worldwide.

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