RPGsp Puts Developers in Control

September 27, 2005 - Profound Logic Software today introduced a new multi-user source control package for RPGsp, its RPG-based web development solution for the iSeries. The new system prevents developers from stepping on each other’s toes as they work on Web applications, green-screens, or modernization projects.

The tool works with library source members as well as iSeries IFS source files. Developers can Check Out source code to facilitate concurrent development. When a developer has source code checked out, other developers are automatically informed of who is working on it. The system prevents developers from making changes to source code that is being worked on by another user. The source remains locked until it is checked back in.

In keeping with RPGsp’s ease of use, source code is checked in and out within the RPGsp IDE using a simple point-and-click interface. Profound Logic has provided the source code for the tool so that developers can modify it to suit their specific requirements. As RPGsp is a native iSeries tool, the source control package will work for traditional green-screen development as well. “The introduction of source control is part of our ongoing commitment to provide increased value for our current and potential clients, and is part of a series of enhancements planned for RPGsp”, commented Seth Newton of Profound Logic Software.

Many iSeries shops already have a source control tool that works well, and RPGsp gives them the option of continuing with their present system. RPGsp provides exit points for integrating with any iSeries source control or change management system. In addition, RPGsp allows developers to establish multiple system profiles and test environments to facilitate project management. A typical iSeries shop will set up development, test, and production environments directly from RPGsp.

Source control is provided at no additional cost for both current clients and new accounts. The new offering is included with RPGsp version 5.0.1, which is currently available. This release can be downloaded at:


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