Profound UI 5.7 Makes Adding IBM i Open Access Handler Code a Breeze

The release also adds robust functionality to charts, Atrium search, and grids

December 21, 2016 - Dayton, OH - (, Profound Logic, a leader in IBM i modernization solutions, is pleased to announce the release of Profound UI 5.7. Version 5.7 rounds out a year in which Profound Logic has put significant focus on product research and development for their suite of IBM i application modernization tools.

"The latest release of Profound UI demonstrates our commitment to giving our customers the most innovative solutions available for IBM i modernization," says CEO Alex Roytman. "We listen closely to the community of IBM i developers, and plan to add even more useful features and capabilities in the year to come."

New features in the 5.7 release include:

  • A tool to automate adding an open access handler to your RPG code
  • Charts can be generated by a web service that provides JSON data
  • Improved search results in Atrium
  • PC Command Listener now works with TLS/SSL sessions
  • Reset option for subfile grid persistence
  • New macros to allow better JumpStart templates
  • More control over compiler listings generated by the Visual Designer

A Tool to Automate Adding an Open Access Handler to Your RPG Code

The Profound UI suite of products now includes a command that can be used to automatically add the HANDLER file specification keyword required by some of our products. This command can optionally add an activation group or wrap the added specifications in compile directives.

For example, the following command will insert the HANDLER keyword for our Rich Display product into every RPGLE and SQLRPGLE source member located in the FROMLIB/QRPGLESRC file and put them in the TOFILE source file.


Prior to the PUIADDHND tool, developers would need to open each program's source code and type the handler keyword manually, which can be very time consuming when dealing with dozens of programs that you are converting from green-screen to Rich Display. The PUIADDHND tool automates the process, letting you add the handler keyword to all of your source members in seconds.

Charts Can Be Generated by a Web Service That Provides JSON Data

Previously, the chart widget could only call a web service that provided data in XML format. The new "chart url json" property allows you to call a web service that uses JSON data, which many developers prefer.

The new chart url json property in Profound UI 5.7

The new chart url json property in Profound UI 5.7

The result is that the chart is drawn, for example:

The new chart url json property in Profound UI 5.7

Improved Search Results in Atrium

The Atrium search functionality has been modified in a couple of ways to make finding your menu items even easier.

  1. It will remove duplicate menu items; each menu item is only listed in the search results once, even if it's in multiple menu groups.
  2. It has been enhanced to provide case-sensitive, ranked search results. Items which more closely match what you're searching for will be listed first.

PC Command Listener Now Works with TLS/SSL Sessions

The PC Command Listener capability that was originally provided in Profound UI 5.2.0 did a great job of replacing the old Java applet for running commands on your PC, but it had one limitation: It did not work in SSL-secured sessions. With Profound UI 5.7.0 and PC Command Listener 1.0.7, we have removed this limitation.

Reset Option for Subfile Grid Persistence

Now, with Profound UI 5.7, we have added a property for grid widgets enabling users to reset the persistent state of the grid. This new feature can be enabled using the grid property, "reset option". Users can use the reset option by right-clicking the grid heading. Once clicked, it clears the state, restores the column order and widths, clears filters, and resets the sort order.

Reset Option for Subfile Grid Persistence


To learn more about the additional features and fixes within Profound UI 5.7, go here.

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