Profound UI 5.2 Introduces Beta Program for Green-Screen Open Access Handler

Dayton, OH - January 5, 2016 - Profound Logic Software - (, a leader in IBM i application modernization and development, announces the release of Profound UI 5.2.

Profound UI is an integrated suite of products that enable IBM i (formerly known as AS400) developers to transform legacy RPG code and green screen applications into modern, web and mobile applications. The new features in version 5.2 make it possible for developers to have more control over their modernization projects and connect users to business-critical data.

Beta Program Available for Genie Open Access Handler

The release introduces a new feature to Profound UI's web enablement module, Genie.

"With version 5.2, we are announcing a new RPG Open Access Handler feature for our Genie product," says Profound Logic CEO, Alex Roytman. "This handler adds additional modern functionality to applications that have been web enabled, or 'screen scraped', using Genie, without converting the applications into Rich Display Files."

The Genie RPG Open Access (RPGOA) Handler delivers more accurate results when working with grids and grid features, like column sorting and scrolling, within the web enabled application.

The Genie RPGOA handler is currently in beta, and a beta program is available to any current Profound UI customers. To sign up for the beta program and give the Profound UI team critical feedback to improve on this feature, sign up here.

Additional Features Put Needed Data at Your Fingertips

Profound UI 5.2 includes several new features that make it easier than ever to connect users with the business data they need. These features include:

  • Filter and Find: Now users can filter and sort data within a subfile grid in a modernized Profound UI application. They can also search for specific terms using a new search feature.

Filter and Find feature in Profound UI
Filter and Find in Profound UI 5.2

  • Multi-Group Menus: Atrium is the module within Profound UI that enables developers to create modern, role-based menus for their end users. With 5.2, administrators can make it possible for one user to have access to more than one set of menus based on their job function. For instance, a sales manager who also needs access to marketing data can now access both sales and marketing menus via this feature.
  • SMS Text Messaging: With this feature, a user can send a text message to another user via the Profound Mobile client interface.
  • Drag and Drop File Widget: Profound UI 5.2 makes it easy to upload files to the IBM i with a new drag and drop file uploads widget. You can simply drag a file from your desktop folder to the server via a browser interface.
  • PC Command Interface: This release replaces the Java applet found in older versions that enables the IBM i application to run commands on a user's computer, such as to opening a .PDF document. The new PC Command Interface is written in node.js, and is supported by all web browsers.
  • Inline Styling for Widgets: The Profound UI Visual Designer now supports custom inline styling through a new "inline style" property on various widgets. This allows for numerous new capabilities. For examples, developers can now easily zoom, rotate, or animate any widget on a screen.

Add custom inline styling to your RPG applications with Profound UI 5.2
Add custom inline styling to your RPG applications with Profound UI 5.2

For a complete list of product features and bug fixes, please visit our website. A download of the latest version of Profound UI can be found here.

About Profound Logic Software

At Profound Logic Software, our mission is to provide innovative, comprehensive and native solutions for IBM i application development and modernization. For over 15 years, we've helped companies around the world breathe new life into their RPG applications with modern interfaces, deploy mobile applications, and extend the lifespan of their IBM i systems.

Our focus on innovation resulted in the first browser-based visual designer for RPG application development and the most mature handler available for RPG Open Access - the feature that makes truly modern RPG applications possible. We employ the most talented developers in the industry to meet the unique modernization needs of businesses running on the IBM i.

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