Profound UI 5.2 Brings the Power of RPG Open Access to IBM i
Green Screens with the New Genie Handler Feature

April 26, 2015 - Anaheim, CA - Today, Profound Logic Software, the leader in IBM i application modernization, announced the upcoming release of Profound UI 5.2 at the 2015 COMMON Annual Conference and Expo.

Version 5.2 introduces a new way for RPG developers to bring their IBM i applications into the 21st Century. The Genie Handler gives users the power to add rich UI capabilities to green screens that are "web-enabled", or screen scraped, using the Profound UI Genie Module.

"For IBM i shops that are in the process of modernizing their 5250 applications and want a way to web-enable green screens on-the-fly, Genie is a great option," explains Profound Logic CEO, Alex Roytman. "With the RPG Open Access Handler for Genie, users can add even more modern functionality to their refaced applications with minimal effort on the part of development."

With this option, Genie customers would simply make a small change to their code to add the Genie Handler. The Handler then enables Genie to:

  • Eliminate the guesswork and false hits from screen scraping by reporting the exact location and attributes of any subfiles on the screen
  • Add advanced functionality to subfiles, including record scrolling, record sorting and export to Excel
  • Automatically detect two subfiles on the screen at once

"RPG Open Access was a great breakthrough for IBM i applications, and the Profound UI RPG OA Handler with conversion to Rich Display Files is still the best and truest path to modernization available on the market today," states Roytman. "The Genie Handler is a great option for companies who want to start experiencing the benefits of RPG OA, but aren't 100% ready for display file conversion with Profound UI."

The RPG Open Access Handler for Genie brings the power of Rich Web applications to 5250 green screens
The RPG Open Access Handler for Genie brings the power of Rich Web applications to 5250 green screens.

In addition to the Genie Handler, Profound Logic is also announcing the availability of enhanced charts and maps in Profound UI 5.2.

"Profound UI features more than 125 rich UI widgets that make modernizing your IBM i applications easy," says Profound UI Lead Developer David Russo. "One of these widgets is FusionCharts XT for Charts and Maps. We are expanding this offering to include FusionWidgets XT, PowerChartsXT, and FusionMaps XT. These widgets will give users the ability to create real-time data dashboards, multi-level charts, and interactive geographical maps, to name a few."

Finally, Profound UI 5.2 will offer improved support for PHP through the new JumpStart module.

"We announced the release of the JumpStart Application Generator for Profound UI late last year, and the response has been overwhelmingly positive," says Roytman. "With this release, we've enabled Jumpstart to generate code to a simple MVC framework, which is both easy for developers to understand and provides better structuring of the generated code."

Profound UI 5.2 is scheduled for release by the end of Q2 2015.

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At Profound Logic Software, our mission is to provide innovative, comprehensive and native solutions for IBM i application development and modernization. For over 15 years, we have supported the modernization of many million lines of legacy RPG code for thousands of customers worldwide.

Our focus on innovation resulted in a patent for the first browser-based visual designer for RPG modernization and the first handler for RPG Open Access, the feature that makes truly modern RPG applications possible. We employ the most talented developers in the industry to meet the ever-changing modernization needs of businesses running on the IBM i.

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