Profound Logic Unveils Genie Accelerator

May 13, 2008, Dayton, OH - Since Genie's release in early 2007, Profound Logic Software has been steadily adding new functionality to its on-the-fly green-screen modernization tool. And today is no different with Profound Logic announcing its latest feature for Genie 3.0 - the Genie Accelerator, which increases performance by eliminating the need for 5250 online transaction processing (OLTP).

The Instant Solution Made Even Better

Genie focuses on providing System i and Power users with an instant method to web-enable legacy green-screens applications. This is done by using standard browser technologies that allow green-screens to be translated into HTML to provide businesses with a non-intrusive way to modernize and deploy their applications quickly. Enhancing applications with extra functionality such as dropdowns, checkboxes, buttons, charts, calendars, links, images, and other various Web elements also becomes incredibly easy with the tool's browser-based designer. Tie that together with Genie's ability to easily customize unique 'skins' for the interface and businesses have a solution that allows for speed and flexibility in their modernization process.

Even with all of these tools, Profound Logic's Development team wanted to go the extra mile for its customers. As a result, the team began talking with clients to find more ways to improve Genie to better meet the ongoing needs and requirements of the System i community. "Several customers indicated to us that eliminating interactive processing is an important part of their modernization strategy. From this, we decided to build a new feature to eliminate 5250 OLTP." explained Alex Roytman, Profound Logic's CEO.

Zero Interactive

Now, Genie allows users to run their web-enabled systems without using any interactive CPW. This new capability, known as the Genie Accelerator, is available to customers with V5R4 or higher, but Genie will still support operating systems as far back as V5R2. All applications that run under the Genie Accelerator will run entirely in batch, eliminating the need for expensive 5250 OLTP and unlocking the full processing power of the system for 5250 applications.

"The elimination of interactive CPW makes modernization much more affordable for businesses," comments David Russo, Project Manager at Profound Logic, "With the Genie Accelerator, users do not have to worry about upgrading their systems or buying a more powerful box to modernize."

In addition to the cost savings, users with heavy 5250 OLTP usage may receive significant performance increases. Genie Accelerator also offers the option to offload Genie onto another System i or Power system to reduce their server's overhead and to comply with Sarbanes-Oxley or other similar regulations.

Accelerating Genie Today

Genie Accelerator is available now with the free trial of Genie 3.0 on Profound Logic's website ( Profound Logic has also made Genie Accelerator available to all existing Genie customers at no charge.

For additional information about Genie 3.0 and the new Genie Accelerator, contact:

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