Profound Logic Unites Legacy and Web

Dayton, OH July 24, 2006 - Profound Logic introduces a ground-breaking new capability to RPGsp’s Green-Screen to Web Conversion process. Now, developers can produce versatile multipurpose RPG programs that operate in both the green-screen and the browser. The programs are intelligent enough to determine their environment and to decide whether to interface with the original display file or with new HTML code.

The RPGsp conversion process can translate any existing green-screen program to a multipurpose RPG program that uses the following logic:

  • Run RPG Code up to the point where a screen is displayed
  • If Interactive Session, execute the Green-Screen Format as before
  • If Web Session, send HTML to a Browser using CGI instead
  • Run more RPG code

This capability is unique in the System i marketplace given that most conversion tools tend to webface the 5250 stream, while RPGsp’s Green-Screen to Web Conversion creates true Web applications where the HTML screens have no ties to the 5250 legacy screens once converted. This allows RPGsp developers to convert green-screens into real browser applications, rather than 5250 green-screens running in a browser. Unlike other conversion tools, RPGsp allows developers to modify and enhance the converted application in any way. For example, a developer can instantly change the number of subfile records displayed on a Web screen. In a green-screen, the typical number of records shown at once is 10 to 15, while in a browser, 100 to 200 records at a time is typical. When a converted RPG program runs in the browser, it can display more records per screen than it does when the same program runs in the green-screen environment. RPGsp is the first iSeries / System i Web development environment to allow such a capability.

RPGsp developers can also add dynamic images, change fields to more advanced browser controls like dropdowns and checkboxes, and consolidate information from several screens into one view. While these options are limited with conversions that are based on the 5250 stream, RPGsp unleashes all boundaries and allows any enhancements to both the appearance and functionality of the Web application. At the same time, the green-screen portion of the application can remain intact and still run from the same code-base as the new Web application.

The developer can enhance the browser portion of the application using a myriad of technologies including dynamical control of HTML output, Cascading Style Sheets, AJAX, SOA, JavaScript, Server Side Includes, and virtually any other Web technology. The RPGsp Development Environment and its wizards are well-suited to support any such enhancements; however, other development environments may also be used.

Multipurpose RPGLE program running in a 5250 interactive session

Multipurpose RPGLE program running in a Web browser

In addition, the RPGsp conversion is vastly customizable, including the ability to create HTML templates for use with the conversion process. The one-of-a-kind converted programs are CGI, optimized for performance, and interactive green-screens integrated into one program object.

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