Profound Logic Software Updates RPG Alive GUI

May 16, 2005 - Profound Logic Software announces a number of new enhancements to its iSeries source editing software RPG-Alive GUI. RPG-Alive GUI offers a powerful, easy-to-use graphical development environment for working with RPG, CL, and DDS programs. Over the past year, RPG-Alive GUI has been embraced by many developers who maintain programs on the iSeries. The success of RPG-Alive GUI is triggered by its unique productivity features that cannot be found in other iSeries coding environments such as IBM’s SEU, CODE, or the WDSc LPEX editor.

With RPG-Alive GUI, developers are able to manage multiple source members, analyze the structure of programs on the fly, administer iSeries and PC-based file systems, and work offline away from the iSeries. Developers also have access to valuable resources like dynamic code snippets, a searchable database repository, RPG help text, and intelligent prompters for both CL and RPG code. IBM’s compiler for RPG, CL, and DDS source is conveniently integrated into the RPG-Alive GUI environment, allowing developers to resolve bugs in a point-and-click manner.

The new release of RPG-Alive GUI makes editing and analyzing iSeries source code even easier than before. Among the new enhancements are new Intellisense features, source line date support, indented source printouts, improved repository, PC-to-iSeries synchronization options, change management exit points, and code bookmarks.

"We hear wonderful things about RPG-Alive GUI from iSeries developers all over the world. Customers tell us they have tripled their productivity with this editing environment," comments Craig Halberstadt of Profound Logic Software.

For more information about RPG-Alive GUI, please contact:

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