Profound Logic Software Updates RPG Alive

Dayton, OH July 15, 2002 -- Profound Logic Software, Inc. published a new version of RPG-Alive, its graphical source analysis tool for the iSeries. In version 2.6.4 of RPG-Alive, Profound Logic introduced a new Free-Format RPG outlining option, and also improved many other features like RPG syntax highlighting, debug source outlining, and indented source code printing.

RPG-Alive is currently helping thousands of RPG programmers in more than 25 different countries with source editing and analysis. The software integrates directly with the PC-to-host 5250 emulation, thus making it very easy for AS/400 and iSeries shops to adopt the tool. The company provides fully functioning 30-day trials of the RPG-Alive products at



RPG-Alive Supporting Standard RPG

RPG-Alive Supporting Free Format RPG

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