New Profound UI Release Provides Comprehensive Toolset for Web and Mobile

8 November, 2012 - London, UK - Mobile apps developed with Profound UI impressed attendees at the National iSystems User Group (NiSUG) International Power 2012 event in London.

Software vendors throughout the world were invited to take part in the 'App-i-Days Mobile Application Showcase', which ran parallel with sessions at the event. After receiving a sample set of data, the vendors taking part in the showcase developed mobile applications for review based on their proprietary technology.

The Profound Logic sample apps were developed using Profound UI which leverages IBM 's RPG Open Access (RPG OA) to produce applications for the Web and mobile devices. Profound UI's intuitive Visual Designer allows the apps to be sized according to the characteristics of the target mobile device. Integration with PhoneGap software enables developers to utilise native mobile device capabilities in their applications, including Camera and Signature Capture. For this show, the applications developed with Profound UI included a Web browser application running on an iPhone and iPad, and a native application deployed from the Android Store using a Samsung Galaxy tablet.

Nigel Lothian, director of Logicmate, represented the Profound UI team at the event. "Profound UI is a proven leader in the market for developing and modernising IBM i applications", said Lothian. "Some visitors at the event didn't realise how easy it is to develop mobile apps using a tool like Profound UI. After seeing our demonstration, a number of visitors expressed that they would now be able to make the case for developing mobile applications in their business using the Profound UI mobile applications as an example."

The Profound UI mobile application examples proved popular throughout the event and gained significant attention from the attendees, according to Lothian. Steve Bradshaw, Managing Director of Rowton IT Solutions, Ltd. and moderator of the App-i-Days Mobile Application Showcase, commented on the simplicity and ease with which both Web and mobile applications can be developed using Profound UI, in addition to the fact there is almost no learning curve for RPG programmers.

Profound UI enables RPG developers to:

  • Leverage IBM's RPG OA to support all RPG screen-related operations
  • Deliver browser-based applications based on the same RPG code that developers use
  • Eliminate ties to the 5250 character-based protocol with DDS conversion
  • Enhance converted interfaces or develop new ones with over 125 pre-packaged widgets
  • Create native mobile applications with PhoneGap

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