Profound Logic Software Launches New Edition of RPG Alive

Dayton, OH -- January 2, 2001 -- Profound Logic Software, Inc., the developer of a graphical source analysis tool for the AS/400 and the iSeries 400, introduces a new edition of RPG-Alive. The new edition of the tool is called RPG-Alive RUMBA Edition.

RPG-Alive has been helping thousands of programmers in more than 15 different countries to analyze and modify RPG/400, ILE RPG, CL, and DDS source code. The software integrates directly with the PC-to-host 5250 emulation, thus making it very easy for AS/400 and iSeries shops to adapt the tool. Until now, however, RPG-Alive only worked with IBM’s Client Access PC5250 emulation.

In an effort to expand its user base, Profound Logic Software, Inc. joined forces with NetManage, Inc. to develop a new edition of RPG-Alive. NetManage, Inc. is the developer of RUMBA, a very popular 5250-emulation program. The new RPG-Alive RUMBA Edition allows RUMBA users to enjoy the benefits of RPG-Alive without having to switch to the Client Access emulation.

“The collaboration of RPG-Alive and RUMBA will attract new customers to both our company and NetManage, Inc.”, stated Alexander Roytman, president of Profound Logic. “We have had calls showing interest in the RPG-Alive RUMBA Edition during the first few days of its release,” continued Alexander.

With the introduction of the new edition, Profound Logic Software also added a number of new editing and analysis features to RPG-Alive. The company provides fully functioning trials of the RPG-Alive products on its e-commerce enabled web site

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