Profound Logic Software Launches

Dayton, OH April 23, 2002 -- Profound Logic Software launches a new web site for iSeries and AS/400 professionals. The iSeriesLink Studio (or is a web-based development environment that allows iSeries developers to extend the functionality of iSeries and AS/400 Systems.

Often, users that work with the iSeries (or AS/400) system need to access related PC or web documents. The Studio ( allows you to create "iSeriesLink Applications", which will automatically connect iSeries programs to PC and Internet resources.

To create basic iSeriesLink Applications, no programming is required. These small applications can be created in minutes directly on For example, an iSeries Item Master Screen can be connected to Engineering Part Drawings, or the Employee Master Screen can be connected to Employee Pictures. Other examples are available on

The best part is that nothing needs to be loaded onto the iSeries or the AS/400 for these applications to work, and it is Free to start developing and testing iSeriesLink Applications on

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