Profound Logic Software Adds CL Support to the RPG Alive Identer

Dayton, OH November 20, 2001 -- Profound Logic Software, Inc. enhanced its RPG Alive Indenter tool to provide support for CL source members. iSeries programmers seeking to analyze and comprehend large and complex CL programs may now print out a structured and indented listing with the aid of RPG Alive Indenter. iSeries programmers may also use the on-line RPG-Alive tool to view a graphical outline of CL source code within SEU. The unique graphical source code outline adjusts itself on-the-fly as the source is being modified.

RPG-Alive is already helping thousands of RPG programmers in more than 20 different countries with source editing and analysis. The software integrates directly with PC-to-host 5250 emulation, thus making it very easy for iSeries shops to adopt the tool.

RPG Alive Indenter is the printer-friendly counterpart of RPG-Alive. It allows developers to view and/or print structured listings of RPG and CL source code.

Profound Logic Software provides fully functioning trials of the RPG-Alive products on its e-commerce enabled web site

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