Profound Logic Simplifies Web Development on the iSeries

Feburary 27, 2005 - Profound Logic Software unleashes a new version of RPGsp (RPG Smart Pages), the software that allows iSeries developers to create Web Applications quickly and easily. In version 4 of RPGsp, Profound Logic introduced close to 100 new features and enhancements. This ambitious development effort is driven by the company’s commitment to deliver most intuitive iSeries Web Application Development Environment to their customers.

"Our goal is to eliminate all of the complexities that are traditionally present in Web Application Development," says Alex Roytman, the company’s Chief Technical Officer. "And we are definitely on the right track. What used to take months of manual programming can now be accomplished in minutes with RPGsp. We have users creating hundreds of RPGsp programs, including sophisticated Web inquiries and order entry applications, all during the 30-day trial period of the software. You can’t beat that."

One of the prominent enhancements in this release is an improved RPG-to-Web conversion wizard. The wizard takes existing RPG/DDS programs and converts them to Web applications. The result is a true Web application, not a webfaced green-screen. The new applications can be maintained and enhanced with the RPGsp IDE. "We are able to achieve a 100% conversion success rate on many types of applications,” says Alex Roytman. “Similar tools on the market claim an approximate success rate of only 70%." The RPG-to-Web conversion wizard is completely customizable via templates and cascading style sheet documents. As a starting point, the software comes with over 20 pre-built templates.

Other important enhancements in this release of RPGsp include:

  • The ability to run iSeries Queries directly in a browser
  • The ability to quickly build SQL listings with advanced features such as sortable columns and page-at-a-time navigation
  • Advanced wizards for creating complex inquiries, like multilevel drilldowns and header/details applications
  • Improved integration with Change Management Software
  • Updated wizard templates and new RPGsp application samples
  • Approximately 30 new code snippets. The new snippets are dynamic in nature. They prompt the user with applicable questions before creating the code.
  • Improved CL prompting capabilities
  • Ability to bookmark sections of code in the editor, and other editor enhancements.
  • Wizards for creating multi-field dropdowns.

Most RPGsp enhancements are the result of feedback from RPGsp customers and the iSeries community. Profound Logic achieved record RPGsp sales during the first quarter of 2005. As its customer base grows, Profound Logic Software plans to continue listening to its customers and to continually enhance the RPGsp environment.

Profound Logic Software is also proud to announce IBM’s endorsement of RPG Smart Pages (RPGsp). IBM reviewed the RPGsp Development Environment and added it to its iSeries Developers Roadmap. IBM views RPGsp as a practical tool for enhancing RPG development and quickly creating sophisticated Web applications on the iSeries.

For more information about RPGsp (RPG Smart Pages), please contact:

Profound Logic Software, Inc.
370 Sentinel Oak Drive, Suite 200
Dayton, OH 45458
(937) 439-7925 phone
224-7768 toll free

A fully functional trial of RPGsp is available for download at


About Profound Logic Software, Inc.

Profound Logic Software is a leading provider of application development tools for the iSeries (AS/400) platform. Established in 1999, Profound Logic started creating innovative programming tools that streamline the application development process. Profound Logic has also focused on providing excellent customer service to its clients. Today, Profound Logic Software enjoys thousands of software users in more than 50 different countries. Profound Logic offers its software along with related training, consulting, and support services.

About RPG Smart Pages (RPGsp)

RPGsp is the first Rapid Web Development Environment based on native ILE RPG. By integrating RPG business logic in an HTML interface, an RPG developer can produce powerful business applications faster than ever before. RPGsp is analogous to web technologies such as ASP or JSP, apart from the fact that all host logic is written exclusively in RPG, the most natural and efficient language for accessing data on the iSeries. Designed specifically for RPG developers, RPGsp is the perfect tool for creating graphical intranet-based iSeries Applications or for deploying Web Applications.

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