Profound Logic Reveals a Major New Release of RPGsp

Dayton, OH, September 17, 2006 - Furthering its commitment to deliver the most productive software for building Web applications on the System i, Profound Logic Software announces a new major release of RPGsp. RPGsp version 6 offers several new modules and enhanced features.

Profound Logic maintains a proactive relationship with its customer base and the System i development community. Based on their feedback, Profound Logic delivered a colossal number of enhancements (close to 300) since the last major release of RPGsp, a little under a year ago. These enhancements include major new features including the first Visual Debugger for RPG-based Web development, an automated CL to Web conversion wizard, AJAX snippets, and multi-purpose RPG 5250/Web programs.

Today, with the commencement of version 6, Profound Logic introduces two new RPGsp modules: RPGsp iChart and RPGsp iConvert.

RPGsp iChart is a set of wizards that allow System i developers to create a variety of Charts, Graphs, and Dashboard applications with little or no programming. RPGsp iChart wizards offer 30 different types of charts with as many as 200 customizable options for each chart.

The charts are interactive, allowing users to click on various chart elements to open other charts or related applications. Profound Logic’s iChart uses Flash technology to present the charts in the browser. The chart’s data is built on-the-fly using RPG record-level access code or using SQL. After the data is built, it is sent to the flash object as XML.

The new RPGsp iConvert module allows developers to modernize entire libraries of green-screen applications to true Web applications. In its simplest form, RPGsp’s Green-Screen to Web conversion process converts one program at a time. The developer must answer several questions about how the program is used and what other display programs are called within context. RPGsp’s new iConvert module automates this process.

iConvert can analyze an entire system of green-screen programs, answer the required questions ahead of time, and proceed to mass-convert and compile all of the programs as Web applications. iConvert runs as an unattended batch process. It can convert both CL and RPG programs. The conversion process is the only of its kind to convert green-screen applications to CGI Web applications with nearly 100% accuracy. The Web applications generated by iConvert are true browser applications built with RPG, HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. They do not depend on the 5250 character-based stream in any way. This allows developers to expand and enhance these applications without any limitations.

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Profound Logic Software is a leading provider of application development tools for the iSeries (AS/400) platform. Established in 1999, Profound Logic started creating innovative programming tools that streamline the application development process. Profound Logic has also focused on providing excellent customer service to its clients. Today, Profound Logic Software enjoys thousands of software users in more than 50 different countries. Profound Logic offers its software along with related training, consulting, and support services.

About RPG Smart Pages (RPGsp)

RPGsp ( is the first Rapid Web Development Environment based on native ILE RPG. By integrating RPG business logic in an HTML interface, an RPG developer can produce powerful business applications faster than ever before. RPGsp is analogous to web technologies such as ASP or JSP, apart from the fact that all host logic is written exclusively in RPG, the most natural and efficient language for accessing data on the iSeries. Designed specifically for RPG developers, RPGsp is the perfect tool for creating graphical intranet-based iSeries Applications or for deploying Web Applications.

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