Profound Logic Releases Genie New Enterprise Portal Atrium

January 6, 2010, Dayton, OH - Profound Logic Software officially announces the public release of Atrium, the newest addition to the company's suite of modernization tools. Atrium is a specialized enterprise portal for the IBM i community, which allows companies to securely tie multiple applications together into a single browser interface that is easy to use.

Accessible and Secure Framework

Atrium will provide businesses with a more intuitive process for accessing all of their critical applications. Unlike traditional green-screen menus, which may require users to drill down through multiple screens, Atrium provides direct access to the relevant menu options. The portal's interface offers a straightforward navigation system that includes the use of drop-down trees, accordion panels, toolbars, and pull-down menus. It allows system administrators to tailor the interface visually, as well as set up authority-based permissions.

The portal provides a secure framework to house all of your web applications and modernized green-screens under a single sign-on tied to either IBM i user profiles or a custom set of user names and passwords. All of the security features native to the IBM i are automatically preserved, while additional administrator functionality further protects the company's applications and data by ensuring that access is only granted to authorized users.

Friendly Tab-Based Layout

In utilizing the tool, users will be able to open multiple applications in a single session using Atrium's tabbed layout. This not only allows for several applications to be opened simultaneously, but also saves time by allowing users to effortlessly alternate between all of their applications, screens, and sites without any extra steps. "Green-screen applications require users to navigate through several screens or maintain multiple open sessions on your desktop just to access different sections of your application." Explains David Russo, Project Lead at Profound Logic Software, "With Atrium, we eliminate all of the extra steps, and allow users to access multiple screens from one single interface without any difficulty."

Fully Integrated

Atrium has also been optimized to integrate with all of the tools provided in Profound Logic's Modernization Suite, including RPGsp, the rapid web development tool for RPG programmers, and Genie, the on-the-fly green-screen modernization tool.

In Atrium, users can create macros that can navigate and perform commands dynamically throughout their modernized applications. A straightforward, step-by-step process allows an administrator to easily create the macros directly within the portal's interface, without having to write a single line of code. Atrium also integrates with other 3rd party applications, websites, and data, regardless of whether these tools are located on the i or other platforms.

Bringing It All Together

With the public release of Atrium, Profound Logic is providing a seamless way to interconnect various modernization efforts together. "Our Modernization Suite allows people to find the modernization methodology that works best for their particular business needs and requirements." Alex Roytman, CEO of Profound Logic, states. "But when you add Atrium into the mix, it provides users with a great way to tie all of their efforts together in one easy-to-use interface."

You can learn more about the portal and download a free 30-day trial of Atrium at You can also check out the rest of the Profound Logic Modernization Suite, including RPGsp for Rapid Web Development, Genie for On-the-fly Green-screen modernization, and iData for IBM i Database Editing.

For more information about Atrium and its capabilities, please contact:

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