Profound Logic Laucnhes RPGsp; a Graphical Web Development Environment for RPG Programmers

Dayton, OH – March 6, 2003 -- Profound Logic Software today launches a New Integrated Web Application Development Environment and Platform for RPG Developers.

RPG Smart Pages (RPGsp) enables RPG developers to build high-performance Browser-based Applications in the most intuitive environment for iSeries web development.

Integrated Development Environment (IDE)

RPGsp is ideal for RPG programmers because all development functions, including File Management, Page Design, RPG Coding & Analysis, Compiling, and Testing are integrated into a single easy-to-use graphical interface.

The RPGsp IDE is the only development tool on the market today to achieve a high level of integration between an HTML Page Designer and an RPG Editor. RPGsp incorporates an extensive knowledgebase for both RPG and HTML, allowing programmers to easily blend the two, while creating dynamic web applications.

What-You-See-Is-What-You-Get (WYSIWYG) HTML Page Designer

The software features an RPG-aware WYSIWYG HTML designer that matches in functionality generic HTML designers such as Dreamweaver. However, a significant advantage of RPGsp over generic designers is its ability to interact with the iSeries server. This includes browsing and managing iSeries files, bringing in iSeries resources, resolving references to external iSeries documents, saving your work directly to the iSeries server, and adding RPG business logic or RPG data directly into the HTML document. In contrast to generic HTML designers, RPGsp always remains a true WYSIWYG environment, no matter where your images, objects, and HTML files are located.

design view
code view
RPGsp IDE Screenshots

Host Development in ILE RPG

In a point-and-click manner, developers can inject RPG variables and/or RPG business logic directly into the HTML design. This allows RPG programmers to easily produce graphical iSeries applications with full capability to query and update the iSeries DB2 database using native ILE RPG. The applications can be deployed over the Web or locally via a browser.

The product's built-in RPG editing features include full prompting, sophisticated code analysis, context-sensitive syntax highlighting, keyword auto-completion, and more. The entire set of RPG-Alive features has been fully integrated into the RPG Smart Pages IDE. Also included is an interactive compiler that is integrated with the editor, allowing developers to quickly resolve errors without leaving the environment. Developers will find that RPG Smart Pages compile quickly, often faster than traditional CGI programs. Plus, RPG Smart Pages are very efficient during run-time because they run directly over the iSeries HTTP or Apache server with absolutely no middleware or additional hardware.

Browser based Applications for new RPG Development

"We have strived to create the most integrated and thus productive tool. Developers will find RPG Smart Pages require the least amount of training and offer the most robust page design, coding and editing features on the market today" said Alex Roytman, Chief Technical Officer at Profound Logic Software. "We are advocates of Browser based applications, versus client/server applications. Browser based applications are easier to create, provide a common browser interface, and are less costly to support over the life of the application. If you are doing any new iSeries development, consider deploying it in a browser interface. It often makes more sense than green-screen or client/server deployment."

No Java. No foreign scripting languages… Just pure RPG.

The product provides wizards to write the RPG code for common types of pages. But because RPGsp is not just a generator, developers retain 100% control of the ILE RPG host logic at all times. The software does not use Java, introduce foreign scripting languages, or force you to use altered versions of RPG. Native RPG is the fastest and most efficient way of accessing iSeries data. For an iSeries shop, where the primary skill set is RPG, using RPG Smart Pages simply makes more sense over alternative methods of creating graphical and web applications. RPG Smart Pages support the latest in native RPG, including both fixed-format and free-format RPG coding, ILE built-in functions, subprocedures, and binding.

RPGsp can be used for both extending existing applications to the web and writing new iSeries-based graphical applications. Additionally, the software is capable of creating Web Services by way of dynamic XML output.

RPG Smart Pages (RPGsp) is available for general release and is also downloadable for a free 30-day evaluation with free technical support. The evaluation software may be found at Pricing is based on iSeries processor group. The product includes both the development and the server component. There are no extra costs per developer or for end-user access.

Profound Logic Software, a privately held company, based in Dayton, Ohio, provides a range of iSeries based Application Development products and consulting services to over 500 iSeries customers in more than 40 countries. Our goal is to create innovative tools that will increase the productivity of an RPG developer.

For additional information, contact or call 937.439.7925.

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