Profound Logic Launches New Product RPG Alive GUI

Dayton, OH February 27, 2003 -- Profound Logic Software today announces the release of RPG Alive GUI; a Windows based RPG Editor. This graphical editor takes advantage of the Windows environment while retaining the look and feel of the traditional SEU editor. An RPG developer, familiar with Windows, should have a minimal learning curve.

RPG Alive GUI enables RPG developers to take advantage of the Windows graphical environment. In addition to the advanced syntax checking and source code editing features, some graphical capabilities include an advanced RPG prompter, a while-you-edit code outline, an interactive compiler, unlimited undo/redo, RPG keyword auto-completion, complete copy, cut, and paste functions, an RPG toolbar, a data repository, and the ability to work independent of the host system.


RPG Alive GUI is a natural evolution from SEU to a Windows based editing environment. One example of the product's windows-based capabilities is the interactive compiler. Once a program is compiled, the error messages are listed within a graphical compiler-output window and with one click you can go directly to the line of code where the error occurred. Error messages may be sorted by message ID, severity, or line number; thus streamlining the process over the traditional spool file method.

RPG Alive GUI is also the RPG Editor used within RPG Smart Pages (RPGsp), Profound Logic Software's new INTEGRATED, RPG-centric, Web Application development environment.

RPG Alive GUI is an ideal environment for modifying existing and creating new programs.

An evaluation download of RPG Alive GUI is available at

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