Profound Logic Launches New Educational Video Blog

April 21, 2009 - Profound Logic Software is announcing the launch of Profound Logic TV (, an educational blog dedicated to providing videos and helpful tips for the IBM i community.

The videos and articles contained on the site will be focused on summarizing and clarifying some of today's latest trends, ideas, and technologies on application development and modernization for the IBM i. The goal of this site is to offer information that is pertinent and useful to IBM i users, and to help viewers better understand what these trends are really about, and if they are important to them and their businesses.

"Application development and modernization is an important topic for a lot of IBM i businesses today. People want to know about various technologies and what they can do for their business, but with tight deadlines and busy schedules it is difficult to find the time to look into every new trend that hits the market" explains Philip Roestamadji, Marketing Director at Profound Logic. "So, we focused on creating a resource that provided our audience with information on all the latest topics in a short, easy-to-view method. This way, viewers will be more informed on what is available to them, and hopefully be better equipped to find the solution that is right for them."

To help ensure that Profound Logic TV is relevant for all of its viewers, Profound Logic has also placed a large emphasis on viewer interaction. "We want to ensure that each and every episode is pertinent to our audience" states Alex Roytman, Profound Logic CEO. "So, whether by email, comment, or even with a phone call, we encourage all of our viewers to tell us what they think of the videos and what they would like to see in the future."

Currently, Profound Logic TV has three videos available for viewing covering the topic of AJAX on the IBM i.

  • Demystifying AJAX on the IBM i (iSeries / AS400) - This video introduces AJAX, or Asynchronous JavaScript and XML. It explains what it really is and how it is used. Through conversations with System i / RPG developers that are modernizing their systems, questions arose that justified this topic as a great introductory video for Profound Logic TV.

  • AJAX on the IBM i (iSeries / AS400) - What's the big deal? - This video describes the importance of learning and familiarizing yourself with the concept of AJAX when modernizing AS400 RPG or Cobol applications. Alex introduces you to something about browser development that developers may not realize. Through examples, he explains how AJAX is used to simplify form processing for both developers and end-users.

  • Sending AJAX Requests to the IBM i (iSeries / AS400) Server - This video describes how you can use AJAX libraries to make a request to the IBM i either from the HTML code or from a Rich Internet Application platform.

Moving forward, Profound Logic TV plans to release many more videos on a variety of topics, including:

  • Web technology options for the IBM i
  • RIA (Rich Internet Application) development
  • Legacy Application Modernization
  • Integrating the IBM i system with other platforms

Videos will be made available on a bi-weekly schedule, and viewers can subscribe to receive updates and RSS feeds from the website at

For additional information about Profound Logic TV, contact:

Profound Logic Software, Inc.
562 Congress Park Drive
Dayton, OH 45459
(937) 439-7925 phone
(877) 224-7768 toll free

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