Profound Logic Incorporates RPG Editing Tool with Seagull's Bluezone Emulator

June 30, 2004 - Profound Logic Software today announced integration of RPG-Alive, its RPG editing and analysis tool, with Seagullís BlueZone Emulation Software.

The project was started to fulfill requests from RPG-Alive customers who are also Seagull users. The Profound Logic team contacted developers at Seagull to work together on the integration. The link between RPG-Alive and Seagull BlueZone was established through HLLAPI, an IBM protocol for communicating with PC-based iSeries and mainframe emulations.

RPG-Alive helps iSeries programmers to examine and modify RPG/400, ILE RPG, Free Format RPG, CL, and DDS source code. The software integrates directly with the PC-to-host 5250 emulation, thus making it very easy for iSeries shops to adapt the tool. With the addition of RPG-Alive for BlueZone, Profound Logic now integrates with 6 different emulation software publishers.

Profound Logic provides fully functioning trials of RPG-Alive at

About Profound Logic Software, Inc.

Profound Logic Software is a leading provider of application development tools for the iSeries (AS/400) platform. Established in 1999, Profound Logic started creating innovative programming tools that streamline the application development process. Profound Logic has also focused on providing excellent customer service to its clients. Today, Profound Logic Software enjoys thousands of software users in more than 40 different countries. Profound Logic offers its software along with related training, consulting, and support services.

About RPG-Alive

RPG-Alive ( is a productivity tool for iSeries developers. It magnifies the skills of RPG developers by adding graphical code analysis and editing features to the iSeries Programming Development Environment. First published in 1999, RPG-Alive is now used by thousands of companies worldwide.

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