Profound Logic Enters into Agreement with IBM to Resell RPG OA

April 29, 2011, Dayton, OH - Profound Logic Software announces that it has signed an agreement with IBM to resell Rational Open Access: RPG Edition, often referred to as simply RPG Open Access. Profound Logic is authorized to sell and install RPG Open Access along with its own software.

RPG Open Access was introduced last year by IBM as a way for RPG programmers to use the simple and well-understood RPG I/O model to access resources and devices that are not directly supported by RPG. RPG OA opens up RPG, allowing vendors to write handlers to access resources such as browsers, mobile devices, web services, external databases, XML files, and spreadsheets.

Profound Logic Software was the first vendor to announce such a handler, when it introduced Profound UI, a Native Graphical User Interface platform for RPG. Profound UI enables RPG developers to modernize existing RPG programs away from the limitations of 5250, and to build new rich browser applications.

While Profound UI was well received by customers of Profound Logic and the IBM i community, buying the solution was somewhat inconvenient because it involved obtaining licenses from two separate sources. Customers had to contact IBM to obtain RPG Open Access; and then contact Profound Logic to obtain Profound UI.

With the new agreement between IBM and Profound Logic, IBM i shops have the convenience of obtaining the entire solution from one vendor. Customers can also try the RPG Open Access functionality before buying by using the RPG preprocessor, a module of Profound UI that simulates RPG Open Access through alternate compile commands.

For more information on Profound UI and its capabilities, please contact:

Profound Logic Software, Inc.
562 Congress Park Dr.
Dayton, OH 45459
(937) 439-7925 phone
(877) 224-7768 toll free

About Profound Logic Software, Inc.

Profound Logic Software, an advanced IBM business partner, has a long history of innovation on the IBM i. The company is well known for its developer productivity and modernization tools: RPG-Alive, RPGsp, Genie, Atrium, and iData.

Profound Logic Software was the first to introduce a hybrid compiler for RPG and HTML, allowing IBM i shops to reuse existing skills and code for building Web applications. Profound Logic also launched the first Visual Debugger for RPG-based Web Development. Over the years, the team at Profound Logic developed a variety of green-screen conversion and modernization technologies, and continues to refine these technologies to this day.

At a time when AJAX development was primarily done from scratch, Profound Logic created a cross-browser AJAX library for the IBM i. The library was later extended into the first browser-based Visual Designer for web-enabling RPG applications.

This type of innovation has allowed Profound Logic to flourish and gain prominent customers such as Nintendo, Disney, Nike, Pepsi, FedEx, Volvo, Sony, General Electric, Warner Brothers, and many more. Over the past 10 years, the company has serviced thousands of customers and facilitated the modernization of many millions of lines of legacy RPG code.

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