Profound Logic Delivers the iSeries Developer's Dream

August 11 , 2005 - RPG programmers have long dreamed of having a method to develop iSeries Web applications using the traditional programming methods they have become accustomed to over many years. Today, that dream is a reality with Profound Logic's Dream Architecture for RPGsp, its popular iSeries Web Development solution. Now, iSeries developers can build Web applications using familiar concepts such as input and output fields, reading and writing subfiles, multiple screen formats per program, and more.

RPGsp Version 5 introduces the new Dream Architecture into its Green-Screen to Web conversion tool. The tool has gone through a massive update and is capable of converting complex multi-program green-screen applications to Web applications with virtually 100% accuracy. RPGsp creates true Web applications (CGI code) without resorting to screen-scraping or web-facing techniques, which would limit the ability to expand the application later.

While Green-screen applications automatically maintain a state (or a "conversation") with the end-user, Browser applications are stateless in nature. This different model of programming is one of the main reasons iSeries developers have always struggled with Web application development. In a stateless environment, it is more difficult to implement record locking, to pass information from screen to screen, and to keep track of program calls. The new Dream Architecture hides the stateless nature of Web applications, which is not very intuitive to iSeries programmers, and provides a familiar top-down programming approach. Dream Architecture programs have buttons that are processed just like iSeries function keys; they display rich HTML screens in a way that is similar to displaying a green screen; and they also allow direct program calls from one Browser program to another.

The Dream Architecture is especially well suited for converting existing green-screen programs to the Web, because it simulates the traditional iSeries environment, including the program call stack, display files with multiple record formats, inherent record-locking, subfiles with updatable fields, and program parameters.

After converting, developers have access to wide range of wizards and tools for maintaining or expanding the application. Among them is a complete HTML Designer, allowing developers to change the layout of the screen without having to code HTML manually. The new Green-Screen to Web conversion process also features an option to use CSS Absolute Elements, which offer developers an easy way to move fields on the screen independent of their position in the HTML flow.

While most Browser applications are developed on Page at a time, the Dream Architecture allows one program to handle multiple Browser pages or screens. These screens can be managed using a convenient tabbed window system integrated into the designer. "Profound Logic is the only vendor in the iSeries marketplace to offer this type of conversion and development process. We have worked hard to deliver the iSeries Developer's Dream," comments Alex Roytman, the company's Chief Technical Officer.

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