Profound Logic Announces Public Availability for iData with Free Edition

March 31, 2008, Dayton, OH - Profound Logic Software is officially announcing the public availability of its newest browser-based database editing tool, iData. A prerelease of iData was made available last November. Since then, the Profound Logic development team has been making extensive changes to the tool to better enable users to easily access, search, organize, and edit their System i DB2 data. Now, iData is fully functional and has been split into free, basic, and professional editions for users to choose from.

Browser-Based Database Editing

The tool itself provides users with a fast and easy way to work with System i DB2 data using only a browser. It does not require any desktop software, special plugins, Java Applets, or ActiveX controls. Instead, iData uses advanced web technologies, such as AJAX, and patent-pending data fetching techniques to give users access to their databases.

Though iData runs in a browser, it still has the capabilities of feature-rich desktop applications. The tool provides many easy-to-use components such as drag-and-drop capabilities, animated charts, pop-up dialogues, and resizable grids. Users are able to effortlessly search, sort, filter, join, and edit their files using an intuitive spreadsheet-like layout called an iData view, which they can save and share with other users. Furthermore, users can create dynamic charts, forms, and dashboards with only a few clicks of the mouse.

Additionally, iData ensures that all data is secure by running directly on the System i, and not using an ODBC connection or exposing other critical ports. Before using iData, a user must provide proper System i credentials. Once logged in, all existing object-level security on the system is fully honored. Moreover, the tool offers extra security by providing administrators with the ability to restrict users from accessing specific functions or data from within the tool.

Free, Basic, and Professional

For the public availability of iData, Profound Logic Software is introducing three editions that users may obtain. The most interesting among them is the Free Edition, which will provide users with several of iData's unique features, including viewing and scrolling through massive amounts of data, editing records, resizing columns, and exploring database libraries and files, all at no charge. Profound Logic's CEO, Alex Roytman, explains, "iData Free Edition gives everyone the opportunity to use the tool with no strings attached. You don't have to purchase anything and it will never expire."

Furthermore, iData will offer two other editions called Basic and Professional. These editions provide users with more enhanced capabilities and features for working with their database records. The Basic Edition offers users other critical functions necessary for accessing and editing data in a quick and intuitive manner. Professional Edition builds upon Basic, and provides users with a complete package that has features for joining data from different tables, creating comprehensive queries, saving custom-created layouts, and much more. Both of these enhanced editions are now available for purchase from Profound Logic Software.


While iData Free Edition is available at no cost for one user, the remaining two editions require a license to be purchased. The introductory price for iData Basic Edition with 5 users included is $995. The introductory price for the Professional Edition with 10 users included is $1,990. Moreover, additional user licenses may be purchased at $199 per named user, and all prices are the same regardless of processor group.

For additional information about iData, contact:

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