Profound Logic Integration with Websphere Development Studio Client WDSC

Dayton, OH – January 19, 2004 -- Profound Logic Software unleashed a new release of RPG Smart Pages (RPGsp), its rapid-development web application platform for RPG programmers. Among the new enhancements in this release is the incorporation of RPGsp into WebSphere Development Studio Client for iSeries (or WDSc). The new version allows iSeries developers to utilize the WDSc to maintain, compile, test, and launch RPGsp applications.

RPGsp integrates its hybrid RPG/HTML/SQL/JavaScript compiler into WebSphere’s Page Designer and LPEX editor. The Page Designer allows developers to maintain a special HTML document called an RPG Smart Page that hosts within itself RPG variables, RPG expressions, and ILE RPG scripts. Developers can insert, view, and change these RPG elements directly from WebSphere Development Studio Client. The WDSc LPEX editor is used for maintaining ILE RPG scripts within the RPG Smart Page document.

Developers can embed any RPG logic into an RPG Smart Page. Then, they can compile and launch the document from WDSc. If compile errors occur, the RPGsp compiler automatically takes the developer to the problem area either within the Page Designer or the LPEX editor.

With RPG Smart Pages, RPG developers can reuse existing business logic and existing skills to quickly produce robust Browser Applications. Developers can create applications from scratch using only HTML and RPG skills, or they can generate applications based on wizards and the 100+ template files provided within RPGsp.

Profound Logic plans to continue enhancing its integration with WDSc as well as keep improving its stand-alone Integrated Development Environment.

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WDSc Page Design View

WDSc LPEX Editor View

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About Profound Logic Software, Inc.

Profound Logic Software is a leading provider of application development tools for the iSeries (AS/400) platform.

Established in 1999, Profound Logic started creating innovative programming tools that streamline the application development process. Profound Logic has also focused on providing excellent customer service to its clients.

Today, Profound Logic Software enjoys thousands of software users in more than 40 different countries.

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About RPG Smart Pages (RPGsp)

RPGsp is the first and only Web Development Environment based on native ILE RPG.

By integrating RPG business logic in an HTML interface, an RPG developer can produce powerful business applications faster than ever before.

RPGsp is analogous to web technologies such as ASP or JSP, apart from the fact that all host logic is written exclusively in RPG, the most natural and efficient language for accessing data on the iSeries.

Designed specifically for RPG developers, RPGsp is the perfect tool for creating graphical intranet-based iSeries Applications or for deploying Web Applications.

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