Profound.js 4.2 Expands What Is Possible for Node.js Business Development

January 25, 2018 - Irvine, CA - ( Profound Logic Software, ta leader in business application development and modernization, is proud to announce the release of Profound.js 4.2.

Profound.js is a business application development platform for Web and Mobile applications. It enables developers to use Node.js to effortlessly create transactional, database-driven business applications using a single, free development framework. It also gives businesses the tools they need to modernize their legacy applications, converting and connecting IBM i RPG source code to modern Node.js.

The latest version of Profound.js expands the platform to include more Node.js development options and capabilities.

Improved Ability for Modularization

While Profound.js already produces modular code, version 4.2 provides the unique capability to import Node.js modules while injecting global dependencies. On its own, this capability may not seem significant, but when applied to modernization of legacy code, this feature can save organizations years of effort and millions of dollars because it can automatically turn monolithic legacy programs into modular code.

"Traditional IBM i programs are not known to be well modularized," states Profound Logic CEO, Alex Roytman. "For example, a large order entry program may have the functionality to look up customers, validate part numbers, create the order, and more, all within one monolithic set of code. Large programs like this come with huge challenges. Making changes in one area may break other areas of the program. And after decades of development, program maintenance becomes a nightmare."

Industry experts agree that splitting large programs into smaller independent modules is the ideal solution to this problem. But it is usually very difficult and expensive to modularize monolithic enterprise applications. With Profound.js 4.2, however, it is now possible to modularize these big programs into individual components automatically. Profound.js also generates a Web Service for each individual component. What's more is that for the first time, unit testing can now easily be implemented over large enterprise legacy applications, thus making development and deployment more agile.

Profound.js 4.2 produces modularized code with global dependency injections that makes application management, unit testing, and development significantly faster and easier

An example of modularizing with Profound.js can be found here:

Expanded Database Support

"One thing that makes Profound.js different from other Node development frameworks is that it offers inherent database drivers, making it easy to connect to databases without coding the connection every time," explains Roytman. "Our drivers also allow applications to communicate with those databases in a simplified transactional way, while eliminating callback hell."

In addition to IBM i DB2, Profound.js 4.2 now offers drivers for the following databases:

  • MySQL
  • MariaDB
  • SQL Server
  • Oracle

  • Profound.js also offers a new offline NoSQL database driver named jsonDB, which stores data in readable JSON format. This driver enables applications to be available offline even without a connection to the server, which is beneficial to employees, like sales representatives, who need to access data while out of the office. jsonDB ships with built-in synchronization API, which can automatically synchronize with an IBM i database when a connection is reestablished.

    Additional Features and Enhancements

    Profound.js 4.2 includes many more new features and enhancements, including:

  • The option to have Node.js support IBM i Rich Display File concepts, such as OVERLAY, ASSUME, and WINDOW keywords. The benefit is a more streamlined modernization process for legacy green-screens.
  • Built-in HTTPS support
  • A number of new API, including:
  • API to simplify both Consuming and Providing Web Services
  • API to work with IFS
  • Array arithmetic API

  • Learn more about Profound.js and how Node.js can accelerate development efforts at:

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