New Release of RPG Smart Pages RPGsp Offers Green Screen to HTML conversion

Dayton, OH January 12, 2004 -- Profound Logic Software added a new utility to its Browser Applications Development Environment for RPG Programmers. RPGsp (RPG Smart Pages) now allows developers to take existing DDS green-screen definitions and automatically convert them to HTML format powered by RPG scripts.

The DDS conversion utility can jump-start a green-screen to web conversion project, or it can serve as a great learning tool for developers that are going from traditional RPG development to RPG-based web development.

RPGsp offers two methods of positioning DDS elements on an HTML page. The Table method uses HTML tables to organize the content; while the Absolute Positioning method uses Cascading Style Sheet (CSS) attributes to specify positions on an x and y coordinate system. All display file input fields, output fields, hidden fields, constants, indicator conditions, and function keys are automatically converted to their corresponding HTML/RPG code.

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Converted Screen in Design View

Converted Screen opened in WDSc

Click here to download a high-resolution version of the screenshots.


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About RPG Smart Pages (RPGsp)

RPGsp is the first and only Web Development Environment based on native ILE RPG.

By integrating RPG business logic in an HTML interface, an RPG developer can produce powerful business applications faster than ever before.

RPGsp is analogous to web technologies such as ASP or JSP, apart from the fact that all host logic is written exclusively in RPG, the most natural and efficient language for accessing data on the iSeries.

Designed specifically for RPG developers, RPGsp is the perfect tool for creating graphical intranet-based iSeries Applications or for deploying Web Applications.

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