Genie Update Provides Smart Caching for Improved Performance and More

September 3, 2009, Dayton, OH - Profound Logic Software is announcing new enhancements for Genie, its visual green-screen modernization tool. Genie modernizes green-screen systems on-the-fly without requiring source code. This allows organizations to instantly modernize entire applications to a browser interface. Genie also provides sophisticated development tools, such as a visual Rich Internet Application (RIA) designer, to improve the legacy system's user interface and functionality.

The enhancements in this update include a number of back-end changes to increase performance and also provide front-end improvements for better usability and easier customization of screens.

Back-end Improvements

One of the most notable back-end changes incorporated in this release is the addition of smart caching for screen definition files. This feature allows for increased system performance and reduces response times by storing both individual screen enhancements and screen detection rules locally on the user's computer. Once these rules and files are initially downloaded and stored by the browser, smart caching uses a custom identification system that can check if cached data is up-to-date and selectively download updates when the cache is not current.

The Profound Logic development team also added support for more DDS GUI constructs to allow for DSS elements such as menus, checkboxes, and buttons to be accurately translated from the green-screen to the browser during web-enablement.

In addition, a number of new functions were added to Genie's API library, some of which are listed below:

  • A function that allows developers to programmatically apply visual designer properties to screen elements. For example, input fields can be tied to the appropriate database files for auto-suggest lookups or dropdowns. This provides developers with a simple way to perform global customizations across many screens, instead of enhancing one screen at a time. (applyProperty)

  • The ability to display any existing screen as a pop-up window. This API can be used to enhance screens where features such as F4 prompting are utilized. (showAsWindow)

  • A method of synchronizing backend processes with the 5250 session's library list and user permissions. When external web services or applications are integrated with Genie, all database access and user authorities can automatically be inherited from the session established within Genie. (SyncJob)

  • API to execute JavaScript across multiple page reloads. In a browser, JavaScript normally unloads with each page reload. However, this function passes JavaScript to subsequent requests in order to automate steps across multiple screens. This added capability to browser client-side scripting can be used in a number of ways, including automating navigation through modernized application screens and combining multiple legacy screens into one browser page. (multiStepAction)

In this release, Profound Logic also made improvements to Genie's session handling, allowing users to reconnect to lost sessions. "There are many users that simply close their browser windows without properly logging off," explained David Russo, Project Manager at Profound Logic Software. "Now, Genie has the option to warn the user advising them to sign off properly. It can also save and disconnect the session. When the user signs-on again, their previous session is automatically restored."

Front-end Enhancements

Along with the back-end improvements, several front-end enhancements were also made available. One useful new feature is the ability to perform inline editing of elements in the visual designer. Previously, element text could only be changed in the properties window. Developers had to hunt down the appropriate property to modify the text. Now, elements such as buttons, tab panels, hyperlinks, output fields, field sets, and grids can be edited inline. The user clicks directly within the element to modify its text, as well as control font size, alignment, and more.

Another improvement to the front-end is the addition of property value highlighting for values that have been altered and are being saved to the screen definition file. With this highlighting feature, users can easily identify the properties for a particular element that has been modified. It also allows users to remove unused property values from the screen definition, which restores elements to their default settings and increases system performance.

Other enhancements include improvements to the installer and the administration interface. Users are able to decide what components of Genie are installed during the setup process, and automatically create environments for development, production, and testing.

Accessing Genie with New Features

All of the new enhancements are available in the latest release of Genie (version 3.8.0), and anyone can download a free 30-day trial of the tool along with an updated development guide from the Profound Logic website at

For more information about Genie or any of the new enhancements, please contact:

Profound Logic Software, Inc.
562 Congress Park Dr.
Dayton, OH 45459
(937) 439-7925 phone
(877) 224-7768 toll free

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