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Award-winning, stateless RPG application and web development tool

RPGsp: award-winning development tool for stateless IBM i (AS/400, iSeries, System i) Web pages and applications

RPGsp (RPG Smart Pages) is an award-winning rapid Web development environment that has been proven and trusted by thousands of IBM i (AS/400, iSeries) users. 

As of Profound UI 4.5, RPGsp is included as a module in the Profound UI Suite. Users now have a more complete modernization solution by having the ability to perform both stateful (with the Profound UI RPG Open Access Handler) and stateless (with RPGsp) development. RPGsp can be used with both a hand-coded HTML interface or a Dynamic HTML interface built using the Profound UI Visual Designer.


RPGsp features include:

  • Wizards, templates and code snippets to support ease of use and a short learning curve
  • Support for dynamic fields and data-driven components
  • Full support for JavaScript, CSS, HTML, RPG, CL as well as XML, AJAX, and Web services
  • A unique compile technology performs up to four times faster than other native CGI technologies

RPGsp Benefits

Stateless Development
Because RPGsp supports stateless development, users can create Web pages and applications, like an E-Commerce site, that will be recognized by search engines (SEO). 

Time-saving features
RPGsp was the predecessor to the Profound UI modernization framework, and provides many time-saving features that enable RPG developers to reuse RPG assets and extend or create modern, Web-based applications.

Intelligent Code Editing and Design Tools
RPGsp comes with an award winning code editor. It is full of helpful features such as HTML reformatting, fixed to free format conversion, intelligent prompting, code outlines, syntax highlighting, and context-sensitive help. It supports both Web and back-end languages, including JavaScript, CSS, HTML, RPG, CL, and DDS. In addition, you can visually inspect your application with our built-in HTML designer.

Product Screenshots

The RPGsp development IDE
RPGsp offers numerous Wizards and Templates to get you started immediately
RPGsp comes with Intelligent Design and Code Editing Tools
Web-based Charting is easy with RPGsp
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