Profound UI 5.0.0 Update

Instructions for manually updating the http config file for version 5.0.0

Use these instructions if you unchecked the HTTP Configuration option with the Installer

Edit the IFS file /www/profoundui/conf/httpd.conf   Change the HTTP server name (in red) if yours is different than the default 'profoundui'.

1. Add the following new directives in the section where other ScriptAlias and Alias directives are defined. It's best to copy/paste the lines. The library name PROFOUNDUI should be changed to your product installation library, if different.

ScriptAlias /profoundui/universal /QSYS.LIB/PROFOUNDUI.LIB/PUI0001114.PGM
ScriptAliasMatch ^/profoundui/universal/(.*) /QSYS.LIB/PROFOUNDUI.LIB/PUI0006000.PGM
ScriptAliasMatch ^/profoundui/auth/universal/(.*) /QSYS.LIB/PROFOUNDUI.LIB/PUI0006000.PGM
SetEnv PUI_UNIVERSAL /profoundui/universal
SetEnv PUI_UNIVERSAL_AUTH /profoundui/auth/universal

2. Modify the <FilesMatch> directive in your config file. Find the section that looks like below and change the line marked in red as shown. It's best to copy/paste the line in red.

Change this:

<FilesMatch "^PUI000(9106|1113).PGM">
  CgiConvMode binary
To this:

<FilesMatch "^PUI000(9106|1113|6000).PGM">
  CgiConvMode binary

These changes are required for Profound UI's new Universal Display File Editor and Handler.

2. Save the file and restart the Profound UI http instance. Change the HTTP server name (in red) to match yours, if different.