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This method positions the file at the next record with a key or relative record number equal to or greater than that specified in the search argument.

  1. Search argument - A Number, String, or Array value specifying a relative record number, key value, or list of key values (array of Number/String). The special values pjs.HIGH_VALUE, pjs.LOW_VALUE, pjs.START, and pjs.END can also be used.
  2. Record format name (optional) - A String value specifying the record format name.

Exception Handling

An Error instance will be thrown with the following properties:

  • message - The message text.
  • error - The message id.
  • help - The message help text.
Position to end of file to read last record
Read all records with first and second keys equal to 100 and 200

RPG Equivalent



This API requires the Profound.js Connector module.

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