ALARM - Audible Alarm (Not applicable)

ALIAS - Alternative Name (Supported)

ALTHELP - Alternative Help Key (Supported)

ALWGPH - Allow Graphics (Not applicable)

ASSUME - Assume (Supported)

AUTO - Auto (Supported)

BLANKS - Blanks (Supported)

BLINK - Blink (Not applicable)

CAnn - Command Attention (Supported)

CCSID - Coded Character Set Identifier (Supported)

CFnn - Command Function (Supported)

CHANGE - Change (Supported)

CHCAVAIL - Choice Color/Display Attribute when Available (Supported)

CHCCTL - Choice Control (Supported)

CHCUNAVAIL - Choice Color/Display Attribute when Unavailable (Not applicable)

CHECK - Check (Supported)

CHGINPDFT - Change Input Default (Supported)

CHOICE - Selection Field Choice (Supported)

CLEAR - Clear (Supported)

CLRL - Clear Line (Supported)

CMP - Comparison (Supported)

CNTFLD - Continued-Entry Field (Supported)

COLOR - Color (Supported)

COMP - Comparison (Supported)

CSRINPONLY - Cursor Movement to Input-Capable Positions Only (Not applicable)

CSRLOC - Cursor Location (Supported)

DATE - Date (Supported)

DATFMT - Date Format (Supported)

DATSEP - Date Separator (Supported)

DFT - Default (Supported)

DFTVAL - Default Value (Supported)

DLTCHK - Delete Check (Supported)

DLTEDT - Delete Edit (Supported)

DSPATR - Display Attribute (Supported)

DSPMOD - Display Mode (Supported)

DSPSIZ - Display Size (Supported)

EDTCDE - Edit Code (Supported)

EDTMSK - Edit Mask (Supported)

EDTWRD - Edit Word (Supported)

ENTFLDATR - Entry Field Attribute (Supported)

ERASE - Erase (Supported)

ERRMSG - Error Message (Supported)

ERRMSGID - Error Message Identifier (Supported)

ERRSFL - Error Subfile (Not applicable)

FLDCSRPRG - Cursor Progression Field (Supported)

FRCDTA - Force Data (Not applicable)

HELP - Help (Supported)

HLPARA - Help Area (Supported)

HLPFULL - Help Full (Not applicable)

HLPID - Help Identifier (Supported)

HLPPNLGRP - Help Panel Group (Supported)

HLPRCD - Help Record (Supported)

HLPRTN - Help Return (Supported)

HLPTITLE - Help Title (Supported)

HOME - Home (Supported)

HTML - Hypertext Markup Language (Not applicable)

INDARA - Indicator Area (Supported)

INDTXT - Indicator Text (Not applicable)

INZRCD - Initialize Record (Supported)

KEEP - Keep (Not applicable)

LOCK - Lock (Not applicable)

LOGINP - Log Input (Not applicable)

LOGOUT - Log Output (Not applicable)

LOWER - Lower (Supported)

MAPVAL - Map Values (Supported)

MLTCHCFLD - Multiple-Choice Selection Field (Supported)

MSGALARM - Message Alarm (Not applicable)

MSGCON - Message Constant (Supported)

MSGID - Message Identifier (Supported)

MSGLOC - Message Location (Not applicable)

OPENPRT - Open Printer File (Not applicable)

OVERLAY - Overlay (Supported)

OVRATR - Override Attribute (Supported)

OVRDTA - Override Data (Supported)

PAGEDOWN - Page Down (Supported)

PAGEUP - Page Up (Supported)

PRINT - Print (Supported)

PROTECT - Protect (Supported)

PSHBTNCHC - Push Button Field Choice (Supported)

PSHBTNFLD - Push Button Field (Supported)

PUTOVR - Put with Explicit Override (Supported)

PUTRETAIN - Put-Retain (Supported)

RANGE - Range (Supported)

REF - Reference (Supported)

REFFLD - Referenced Field (Supported)

RETLCKSTS - Retain Lock Status (Not applicable)

RMVWDW - Remove Window (Supported)

ROLLDOWN - Roll Down (Supported)

ROLLUP - Roll Up (Supported)

RTNCSRLOC - Return Cursor Location (Supported)

RTNDTA - Return Data (Supported)

SETOF - Set Off (Supported)

SETOFF - Set Off (Supported)

SFL - Subfile (Supported)

SFLCLR - Subfile Clear (Supported)

SFLCSRPRG - Subfile Cursor Progression (Supported)

SFLCSRRRN - Subfile Cursor Relative Record Number (Supported)

SFLCTL - Subfile Control (Supported)

SFLDLT - Subfile Delete (Supported)

SFLDROP - Subfile Drop (Supported)

SFLDSP - Subfile Display (Supported)

SFLDSPCTL - Subfile Display Control (Supported)

SFLEND - Subfile End (Supported)

SFLFOLD - Subfile Fold (Supported)

SFLINZ - Subfile Initialize (Supported)

SFLLIN - Subfile Line (Supported)

SFLMODE - Subfile Mode (Supported)

SFLMSG - Subfile Message (Supported)

SFLMSGID - Subfile Message Id (Supported)

SFLMSGKEY - Subfile Message Key (Supported)

SFLMSGRCD - Subfile Message Record (Supported)

SFLNXTCHG - Subfile Next Changed (Supported)

SFLPAG - Subfile Page (Supported)

SFLPGMQ - Subfile Program Message Queue (Supported)

SFLRCDNBR - Subfile Record Number (Supported)

SFLRNA - Subfile Records Not Active (Supported)

SFLSCROLL - Subfile Scroll (Supported)

SFLSIZ - Subfile Size (Supported)

SLNO - Starting Line Number (Supported)

SNGCHCFLD - Single-Choice Selection Field (Supported)

SYSNAME - System Name (Supported)

TEXT - Text (Supported)

TIME - Time (Supported)

TIMFMT - Time Format (Supported)

TIMSEP - Time Separator (Supported)

USER - User (Supported)

USRRSTDSP - User Restore Display (Not applicable)

VALUES - Values (Supported)

VLDCMDKEY - Valid Command Key (Supported)

WDWBORDER - Window Border (Not applicable)

WDWTITLE - Window Title (Supported)

WINDOW - Window (Supported)

WRDWRAP - Word Wrap (Not applicable)